With decades of experience and leading experts, GSE Solutions creates and delivers training and systems, engineering and compliance, and technical staffing solutions for process plant operations.

Process Plant Solutions

GSE has the power to optimize your plant’s performance. By seamlessly combining value-added solutions in software and systems, engineering and compliance programs, and staffing and training services, GSE now delivers the widest range of operational support solutions in the industry. GSE offers value like no one else can to help you deliver your promise.

We build a variety of simulations for the process industry from high-fidelity generic models to custom dynamic simulators. Dynamic simulation is a robust graphical user interface with simple drag-and-drop functionality. An extensive object library of process modules and standard equipment lets you build your process model quickly, and scale it easily. The result is a custom, high-fidelity simulation model that can operate in real time, fast time or slow time, providing a hands-on learning environment for employees, from new hires to experience operators.

Dynamic Simulation

GSE Systems has a reputation for excellence and efficiency in the process power plant industry. Our rigor and expertise are applied to dynamic simulation training, from the basics to replica full scope.

Engineering Simulators

GSE’s combination of simulation technology and expert engineering was chosen to build first-of-a-kind simulators for the AP1000, PBMR, NuScale, and mPower plants around the world.

Expert Consultants

Skilled in-house experts from specialty consulting to staff augmentation services.

Thermal Performance

Best practice processes that optimize program development, upgrades, and implementation.

On-Demand Training

Innovative SaaS training that integrates computer-based tutorials and simulations. These courses are ideal for teaching the fundamentals of unit operations.

Engineering Design

Mechanical, electrical, I&C, civil/structural and fire protection engineering.