Electrical/ I&C Engineering

GSE’s Electrical and Instrumentation & Control (I&C) Engineering team focuses on power plant electrical, instrumentation and control systems. Though medium- and low-voltage systems within the power block make up most of our engineering work within a station, we also provide engineering services for the switchyard.

Electrical and Instrument & Control Engineering is the lead discipline for many projects, but the team also supports mechanical-led and fire protection-led projects.

We deliver compliant and cost-effective engineering solutions, from studies that seek the best solution to equipment sizing and specifications, through conceptual and detailed design and testing. We work in close coordination with supporting and supported engineering disciplines.

Our expertise includes the physical – cabling, relays, motor control centers, digital and analog controls, computers; analytical – circuit analyses (ETAP), protective device coordination; and compliance – Codes, standards and the Owners’ licensing bases.  Our engineering teams maintain their technical edge through continuing education and service to industry organizations, including IEEE and ISA.

Areas of service and expertise include:

  • Emergency Diesel Generators EDG (obsolescence, regulatory compliance, mechanical, electrical and governing system controls)
  • EDG Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Turbine Generators (power up-rate, mechanical and electrical controls)
  • 480V Switchgear, and MCCs (circuit breaker and bucket replacements, coordination studies, obsolescence)
  • Protective Relaying
  • Inverter and Battery Chargers (Including Swing Inverters)
  • Large Electric Motors
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Electrical calculations and analysis (protective device coordination studies, load flow, fault studies, ETAP)
  • Physical electrical design (cabling, raceway, MCCs, Switchgear, Load Centers)
  • Layout and design of electrical distribution systems
  • Equipment obsolescence issues (circuit breakers, large motors)
  • Control system modifications
  • Process instrumentation & control
  • Instrumentation setpoint, accuracy, and uncertainty calculations
  • Functional requirement specifications
  • Safety and non-safety-related digital systems
  • EDG engine controls and governing system upgrades
  • Digital upgrades
  • Cyber Security controls and system-wide upgrades (Security Computer Replacement)
  • Cyber Security Program development and maintenance for Regulatory Compliance
  • Industry Compliance design modifications (Byron Open Phase Detection, Degraded Voltage requirements, Dynamic Disturbance Recording, Cyber Security Milestones, etc.)

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GSE Engineering, Design & Analysis group, a division of GSE Solutions, supports operational excellence in the power industry. As an Engineer-of-Choice (EOC) provider, we leverage specialized, high value industrial engineering, design and implementation to create end-to-end solutions that reduce risk and optimize performance.

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